You Failed To Surprise Us Now Wait For Our Surprise – DG ISPR Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor

India Claims that IAF Mirage 2000 Fighter jets violated LoC & launched Non-Military Airstrike on Balakot region against terror camps, killing 350. Around 3.30 am, 12 Mirage 2000 fighter jets crossed the Line of Control and dropped 1,000 kg bombs on the vast terror training facility at Balakot, which was the hub of suicide attack training, said government sources.

Pakistan denied Indian claims as DG ISPR Pakistan told media in a press conference that PAF scrambled Fighter Jets & repels Indian aircraft after LoC breach, No casualties or damage Reported

This was stated by ISPR Director-General Major General Asif Ghafoor on Tuesday. He was referring to the Indian Army in a address to the public after India violated the Line of Control Monday night but their attempts to enter further into Pakistan were foiled by the Pakistan Air Force.

The ISPR DG had tweeted they entered from the Muzafarabad sector. “The prime minister had said if you [India] attack Pakistan, we will not think. And then when I spoke to the public, I said three things as well,” he said. “But first I will tell you what happened today and what India is claiming. And then I will tell you how what PM Khan and I said is being manifested”

He showed four screenshots from Indian news channels and how the incident was being portrayed by them. “The first picture shows that India is claiming being in Azad Kashmir for 21 minutes and killed 305 terrorists,” he said and then challenged the Indian Army to be in Pakistani airspace for such a length of time.

He said India’s first movement was detected near the Sialkot-Lahore border.

“They [Indian forces] were challenged by our combat air patrol and didn’t enter Pakistani airspace. They stayed 7-8 nautical-miles within their side,” he said. India tried for the second time and did not succeed.

He said a heavy Indian formation was detected in the third instance near the Muzaffarabad border where they were challenged by Pakistan’s combat air patrol and went back under pressure from the Pakistan Air Force.

The head of the ISPR said they released their payload near Balakot and returned. “There was no strike. The challenging aircrafts did not have visibility, so we engaged in ground communication,” he said, adding that the aircraft confirmed the drop of the payload. He said there wasn’t a single brick in the debris and that if there was any structure, its remains would be found in the debris.

“It is now time for India to wait for our response,” he said firmly. “We are united.”

He said Pakistan’s response will come at the time and point of its choosing where its civil military leadership decides. “It is your turn now to wait and get ready for our surprise,” he said.

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