6 Aircraft Destroyed & 8 Damaged In Ukrainian Drone Attack on Morozovsk Airbase

6 Aircraft Destroyed & 8 Damaged In Ukrainian Drone Attack on Morozovsk airbase
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At least six military aircraft were destroyed, and another eight were damaged in a Ukrainian drone attack on the Morozovsk airbase.

Furthermore, about 20 Russian soldiers were reportedly killed or wounded. we could not independently verify the information.

The Morozovsk base houses Su-27 and Su-34 aircraft used on the front line in Ukraine. There has been no word from Russia on reports of an airfield attack.

Russia’s RIA news agency cited the Russian defence ministry earlier as saying Russian air defences had downed 53 Ukrainian drones overnight, most of them over the Rostov region.

Russia’s Defense Ministry claimed that the majority of the drones – 44 – were shot down over Rostov Oblast, where the Morozovsk airbase is located. Earlier, claims appeared on Telegram channels that explosions were heard near the airbase.

Six more drones were allegedly downed in Krasnodar Krai, and one each in Kursk, Saratov, and Belgorod oblasts, the Russian Defense Ministry alleged.

Telegram channels reported explosions also near the Engels and Yeysk airbases, which are located in the Saratov and Krasnodar regions, respectively, but this information was not confirmed by Russian officials or the Kyiv Independent’s sources.

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