6 dead in a Helicopter crash in Campos do Jordão, São Paulo, Brazil

6 dead in a Helicopter crash in Campos do Jordão, São Paulo, Brazil

6 dead in a Helicopter crash in Campos do Jordão, São Paulo, Brazil

An Agusta AW109SP Grand New helicopter vanished in the morning was found later in the evening by Fire Department staff.

The helicopter crashed near the peak of Itapeva, and crashed into a forest area. Six people died.

A helicopter that had been missing since 11 am on Saturday (24) was found by teams from the Fire Department after falling in a forest area in Campos do Jordão, a city 170 kilometers from Sao Paulo.

The aircraft had left Itapira (State of São Paulo) and landed in the Serra da Mantiqueira near the place where it was supposed to land. The aircraft was located earlier in the evening and teams are working on the rescue of the bodies.

The company confirmed that Kátia Stevanatto Sampaio, a shareholder and vice president of the company, her husband, Paulo Sampaio, and two others, the carpenter Ronoel Sholl and the architect Leticia Telles, as well as the pilots Antonio Landi Neto and Juliano Martins Perizato, died.

“The Cristália Laboratory deeply regrets the irreparable loss that this accident caused,” the company wrote in a note.

It is the second similar model helicopter that crashes after flying in bad weather this month. By the time the helicopter was gone, the weather was overcast and there was a lot of fog in the area.

Teams from the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) even mobilized a helicopter to assist in the search for the aircraft, which was found by Fire Brigade teams with radio signals tracking the aircraft that crashed.

According to the FAB, teams from Seripa 4 (Fourth Regional Service for the Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents), linked to Cenipa (Center for Research and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents), are on the way to the site and will investigate the causes of the accident for the purpose of prevention of new accidents.

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