A Reported Radiation Leak In Russia After Huge Explosion at Ballistic Missile Testing Facility

A Reported Radiation Leak In Russia After Huge Explosion at Ballistic Missile Testing Facility

At least two people died and several others received injuries after the liquid fuel in a missile jet engine exploded during a test at the military testing area Nyonoksa on White Sea coast.

This latest incident reportedly occurred at a site near the village of Nyonoksa in Russia’s northwestern Arkhangelsk region on Aug. 8, 2019, according to Russia’s Interfax.

A “short-term increase in radiation” was detected in the port city of Severodvinsk at 11.50am, according to a statement from the local administration.

Radiation levels then declined to within a normal range as of 2pm, it said.

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Russia’s Ministry of Defense said at least seven people had been injured in the accident, including a defense industry employee, and two of them had later died. Other reports say there may be as many as 15 people injured in total.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has rejected reports of a brief spike in ambient radiation after an explosion and subsequent fire killed at least two individuals at a military test site near the White Sea. This incident follows a massive blast at an ammunition depot in Siberia and ensuring fires injured six people and forced thousands of others nearby to evacuate the area just days ago. It also comes a month after a fire broke out onboard the top-secret Russian spy submarine Losharik, killing 14 sailors.

Rumors about a radiation leak was first reported by 29.ru, referring to emergency services saying radiation levels were three times higher than normal background.

Russian officials initially tried to play down the radiation leak, saying the levels were normal.

A statement from the ministry said: “During testing of a liquid jet engine an explosion and combustion of the product occurred.

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