4 dead in a Cessna 182A plane crash at Swainsboro Airport

Four people are dead and one survivor is fighting for their life after a plane crash in Swainsboro.

A single-engine plane carrying five people crashed Saturday afternoon at East Georgia Regional Airport in Swainsboro, Ga.

Following a loss of engine power during takeoff, the aircraft experienced a stall and subsequent impact with airport terrain at East Georgia Regional Airport (KSBO), Swainsboro, Georgia.

The airplane was partially consumed by the post-impact fire and four of the five occupants onboard were fatally injured. One of the occupants onboard the aircraft received serious injuries.

Emanuel County Deputy Coroner Randy Love said there were four fatalities.

Love confirmed the plane is owned by The Jumping Place Skydiving Center in Statesboro, Ga

Love said the bodies of the victims will be transported to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Division of Forensic Sciences Coastal Lab in Savannah, Ga.

According to a statement from the Federal Aviation Administration, the plane was a Cessna 182A.

The FAA will investigate and the National Transportation Safety Board will determine the cause of the crash, the FAA statement said.

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