5 Dead and 2 injured in an Antonov An-2 crash near Kamako, Congo

5 Dead and 2 injured in an Antonov An-2 crash near Kamako, Congo

At least five people have been burned to death in the crash of an Antonov 2 airliner of a local company in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The administrator of Tshikapa territory, Jean-Paul Kuzo, confirms that two people survived the accident and are being treated at Kamako General Hospital.

Air Kasai’s plane crashed after taking off from Kamako town in southern DRC when it was supposed to connect Tshikapa 150 km further north.

“The plane fell into the bush 3 km from Kamako after taking off towards Tshikapa, only two people came out, the pilot and a passenger, they do not speak, we already have a list of five people who have perished, “said an official, the deputy administrator of the territory Anacletus Muswa Kapinga Safia.

“We will have the final balance of the dead when the company is going to produce the passenger manifesto, it is appalling, people are burning before our eyes,” he added.

We already have the names of some people who burn like the conveyor Isaac, a certain Top 13 boss, a lady Chantal who came from Angola with her children, a worker from the Baudouin fund transfer agency and a trafficker from the square.

It is appalling what we see. People who burn brightly before our eyes. We are waiting for the company’s manifesto of passengers to establish the final death toll, ” told ACTUALITE.CD, the resident assistant administrator Anacletus Muswa Kapinga Safia.

This crash is the second in a month in Kasai.

Last June, a small carrier chartered by the World Food Program (WFP) had an accident at takeoff in Kamonia causing some injuries.

The cause of the accident is not yet known. The aircraft came from Kamako and was on its way to Kabungu on the Angolan border.

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