6 dead in a Airbus Helicopter crash in Satya Devi, Dhading, Nepal

An Airbus Helicopters H125 (AS 350B3e) helicopter with seven people on board crashed into a hillside in central Nepal
6 occupants died, a woman was alive authorities said. Last radio contact was at 08:05 LT. The aircraft was supposed to land at 08:18 LT at Kathmandu. On board were a pilot and six passengers: a Japanese tourist and five Nepalis were on board.
The Helicopter crashed in a dense forest, there was no fire on impact, bad weather condition and rugged terrain delayed the rescue team on the scene.

The chopper’s wreckage had been spotted on a forested hillside in neighboring Dhadhing district, said Kathmandu airport general manager Raj Kumar Chettri.

“The crash site lies at an altitude of 5500 feet and rescue operation is being attempted, but adverse weather is hindering the operation,” the authority said.

A Nepal Army helicopter and a private chopper along with rescuers have been despatched to the crash site.

The helicopter which took off for Kathmandu airlifting a patient along with other passengers from Samagaun in Gorkha had lost radio contact with Kathmandu tower after flying some 20 miles at around 8:10 am, a source at Tribhuvan International Airport said.

Nepal has a booming private helicopter industry, flying tourists and goods to remote corners of the Himalayan nation where road access is limited or non-existent.


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