Aircraft crashed at Campo de Marte Airport in São Paulo With 7 onboard

Beechcraft C90GTi King Air crashed at Campo de Marte Airport in São Paulo With 7 onboard

The pilot was caught in the burning wreckage of the twin-engine Beechcraft King Air and died before he could be rescued, the fire brigade said.

One person died and six were injured after a small aircraft crashed in the Campo de Marte, in the northern zone of São Paulo, early on Sunday night (29).

There was a blast as soon as the plane hit the ground. According to firefighters, the fatal victim is the pilot, Antonio Traversi.

The PP-SZN prefix aircraft is a twin Air King C90, with capacity for seven passengers, belonging to Videplast, a company that manufactures plastic packaging with headquarters in Santa Catarina. According to Anac, the aircraft was manufactured in 2008 and was in regular condition.

According to Infraero, the plane took off at around 3:30 p.m. in the city of Videira, Santa Catarina, with five passengers and two crew members. The accident occurred during the landing in the capital of São Paulo, about 3 hours after departure.

On the flight were Geraldo Denardi and Nereu Denardi, brothers and founders of the company, besides the son of Nereu, Enzo, 17 years. Also occupying the aircraft were two employees of Videplast, Aguinaldo Nunes and Agnaldo Crippa, as well as the other crew member, Benê Souza.

The circumstances of the accident will be investigated by Cenipa, a body of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB). Witnesses on the Mars Camp said the plane had tried to land, but the pilot was not sure that the landing gear was lowered. He then hovered over the runway so that the control tower visually confirmed that the landing gear was activated. Then he made an attempt to land and lunged. The accident would have occurred on the third attempt, by that version.

The fire caused by the fall of the plane was controlled by the brigade of the Campo de Marte itself. Four victims suffered head trauma, another suffered abdominal trauma. One of the victims was rescued and taken to the Hospital das Clínicas by PM’s helicopter Águia and the rest were taken to hospitals in the North Zone of São Paulo.

Aircraft crashed at Campo de Marte Airport in São Paulo With 7 onboard

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