F-22 Raptor makes an emergency landing in Alaska

F-22 Raptor makes an emergency landing in Alaska. Raptor Came To A Rest On Its Side After Making Emergency Landing In Alaska

The F-22 made an emergency landing with a landing gear issue. The aircraft suffered from substantial damage when a wing touched the ground. There were no injuries reported.

The pilot was able to exit the aircraft safely and the mishap is currently under investigation.


Elmendorf AFB public affairs statement:

“An F-22 Raptor assigned to JBER’s 3rd Wing made an emergency landing on JBER’s active runway at approximately 1 p.m. local time today. The pilot was able to egress the aircraft safely.
The incident is under investigation, more details may be released as they become available. “

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We still don’t know what exactly the extent of the damage to the jet is or what caused the pilot to make an emergency landing.

The F-22’s special radar-evading skin, composite construction materials, and unique airframe structures can make the aircraft very expensive to fix. Considering there are already two F-22s that are in need of extensive structural repairs, this one may have to get in line.

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Considering there are only about 187 Raptors in the USAF’s inventory, of which only about 125 are combat coded at any given time, the loss or even the sidelining of a single airframe can have a big impact. Case in point, the USAF spent 25,000 man-hours of labor just to get a perfectly straight F-22 back in the air and updated after spending six years in storage:

In addition, we still don’t know how many F-22s, if any, were damaged after Hurricane Michael slammed directly into Tyndall AFB in Florida. It is possible that the USAF could suddenly have to deal with a number of additional Raptors that have been structurally damaged in some way.

F-22 Raptor makes an emergency landing in Alaska

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