Indian Navy MiG-29KUB Fighter Jet Crashes Near Goa Airport

Indian Navy MiG-29KUB Fighter Jet Crashes Near Goa Airport

An Indian Navy Mig-29KUB fighter jet crashed under unknown circumstances shortly after it took off on a routine training mission from Goa’s Dabolim.

The pilots – Captain M Sheokhand and Lieutenant Commander Deepak Yadav – managed to eject safely and have both been recovered. The aircraft involved in the crash was a trainer version of the fighter jet.

According to a statement by the Navy, the plane, a trainer version of the fighter, was hit by a flock of birds and the collision led to a fire in the right engine and the left engine failing.

“At about 11.45 am this morning, a MiG twin-seater aircraft on a routine training sortie encountered a flock of birds after take off from INS Hansa airbase at Dabolim, Goa. The pilot observed the left engine had flamed out and the right engine had caught fire,” the statement said.

The pilots showed the commendable presence of mind, the statement added, in steering the damaged jet away from populated areas; the plane crashed in open land and neither casualties nor damage was reported.

“Attempts to recover the aircraft were unsuccessful due to damage and low height. The pilot with his presence of mind pointed the aircraft away from populated areas and both pilots ejected safely. An inquiry has been instituted by the Navy. There is no loss of life or damage to property on the ground,” the Navy said.

Defence minister Rajnath Singh spoke to the pilots. He tweeted, “Capt Mrigank and Deepak Yadav of the MiG-29K which crashed after the take-off from Goa today. It is a matter of great satisfaction that they managed to eject in time and both of them are safe. I pray for their good health and well-being.”

The Goa airport is used for both civilian and military aircraft.

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  1. Another one bites the dust. Give some veer chakra to the pilots for at least ejecting safely because it is the only thing that they can do because of their poor training.

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