Listen Pilot calling Air traffic controller useless after Terrifying near-miss between two planes

Listen Pilot calling Air traffic controller useless after Terrifying near-miss between two planes

Two airplanes in Argentina, an Embraer 190 from Austral and an ATR42 from Avianca Argentina almost hit each other on the air, they were 300ft from each other.

In the recording the Air traffic controller acknowledges the error and asks the pilot to file the complaint in writing, the pilot replies they [ATC] are all useless, and then the ATC replies to the pilot ‘idiot’

The pilot of a private plane, travelling from Buenos Aires to San Fernando, reproached one of the operators of the Jorge Newbery Aeroparque control tower for a dangerous moment when he was less than 500 feet from another aircraft.

The conversation between the two became aggressive when the pilot called the control tower workers “useless” and the operator answered “idiot” after the near collision between aircraft for a “saturation in the sector.”

Here is the Audio


In the audio released by TN, the pilot claims to the operator: “We were at 500 feet, at times 300 feet apart. ” The operator gave him the reason and explained: “It is the saturation we have in this sector and in this work at this time.”

“The truth is that they are useless that’s the problem, “said the pilot, not satisfied with the explanation.” Yes? Please come and tell me in person. Idiot“, closing the aggressive exchange of the manager.

Due to the incident, the Argentine Air Navigation Company (EANA) opened a summary, as reported to it Clarin its owner, Gabriel Giannotti, is in the pipeline and for that reason “we cannot give a conclusion about what happened”. However, he admitted that the authors reveal “a phrase that has not been standardized for an aeronautical exchange” and that “some lol on behalf of all participants of that situation”.

Carlos Rinzelli, a pilot contacted by the Todo Noticias channel, explained the anger of his colleague. “The distribution of airspace is about the fact that planes can fly over areas without a difference that should not be less than 1,000 feet (304 meters),  that is the task of the airspace manager, which has the power to separate aircraft to ensure that we all fly safely, “he explained.

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