Marine Corps Bell Boeing MV-22B Osprey Emergency landing near Amami Airport

An Osprey of USMC (reportedly belongs to MCAS Futenma (ROTM)) made a precaution landing at Amami Airport due to an unreported trouble. No personal injuries were reported. The Osprey departed from Amami at 18:50 LT.

A similar incident has happened in April and June in this year, and Osprey of June accident stayed at Amami for a month.

At the almost same time, another Osprey made an emergency landing at Kadena Air Base (DNA/RODN). There are some conflicts of this happening in the media: One reports it landed at 17:20 LT and left Kadena at 18:30 LT, however, another says two Ospreys landed separately at 17:50 LT and 18:30 LT.

There is no injury to the crew and others, and we assume that there is no damage to the appearance of the aircraft. Osprey flew again at around 7:19 pm, about two hours after landing. 

It was the 4th time since June 2017 that Osprey landed in the airport in an emergency landing.

Amami Airport is located between Futenma Air Station and U.S. Iwakuni Base (Yamaguchi Prefecture).

Marine Corps Bell Boeing MV-22B Osprey Emergency landing near Amami Airport
A U.S. Marine Corps Bell/Boeing MV-22B Osprey
U.S. Air Force photo 090417-F-7130G-0559 from the 123rd Airlift Wing website


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