Mexican Navy Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk Helicopter Crashed In A Soccer Field, 1 Dead & 20 injured

Mexican Navy Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk Helicopter Crashed In A Soccer Field, 1 Dead & 20 injured
The Attorney General’s Office of the state of Veracruz confirmed that the elements of the Marine Secretariat that suffered the accident were participating in an operation to capture suspected kidnappers and release two victims. Photo: PATRICIA MORALES

The Mexican Navy Black Hawk was trying to land in poor visibility when it crashed in a soccer field, one officer was fatally injured while 20 sailors were injured

The helicopter which was participating in a security operation, fell to the ground when it tried to land on a sports field in the Tepecuitlapa community of the Tehuipango municipality, located in the Sierra de Zongolica.

The Secretary of Public Security, Hugo Gutiérrez Maldonado, reported on his Twitter account that a State Police agent died in the line of duty and 20 sailors were injured.

The injured sailors were transferred to various hospitals in the area, where doctors reported that they are stable.

The aircraft and naval officers participated in a joint operation with the Attorney General of the State of Veracruz in compliance with five arrest warrants against alleged kidnappers.

According to Semar, the events occurred yesterday afternoon, when the Black Hawk aircraft took off from the base located in the port of Veracruz with the aim of moving two kidnapping victims who were rescued from their captors in a coordinated operation with federal and state anti-kidnapping forces. Five alleged plagiarists were secured in the process.

When the military personnel was landing, a whirlpool occurred that prevented the pilot from seeing, so he could not control the aircraft and was impacted. The wounded, some seriously, were transferred to hospitals in the area.

The Secretary of the Navy indicated that the deceased agent belonged to the Veracruz state police and was on board a patrol near the soccer field in the town.

On the other hand, the Prosecutor General’s Office announced that the Specialized Unit to Combat Kidnapping (UECS), with the support of the National Anti-Kidnapping Coordination, carried out five arrest warrants against alleged kidnappers in the municipality of Tehuipango.

As a result of the operation, the release of two persons with reserved identities who were deprived of liberty was also obtained.

In a press release, the agency detailed that after the arrest of the five alleged kidnappers, the Secretary of the Navy provided the support of a helicopter to transport the victims from Tehuipango.


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