‘No survivors’ after Canadair corporate jet crashes in Mexico

A private executive jet flying from Las Vegas with three crew members and 10 passengers crashed in northern Mexico

A Canadair Challenger 601-3A corporate jet was reported missing on a flight from Las Vegas, Nevada, the USA to Monterrey, Mexico.

At 14:52 hours local time (21:52 UTC) the aircraft took off from Las Vegas on the return leg to Monterrey. Flight tracking data shows the aircraft en route at a cruising altitude of FL370.

At 18:25 local time (23:25 UTC) the aircraft climbs to FL390, which is maintained for about five minutes. The aircraft then climbs towards FL410.

The last ADS-B data point recorded by FlightAware is at 18:37 hours at 40,925 feet. The wreckage was reportedly found in a remote part of Mexico with no survivors.

Mexican media reported that the passengers had been to a boxing match between Mexican boxer Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and US fighter Daniel Jacobs in Las Vegas on Saturday.

The victims were between 19 and 57 years old, according to a version of the passenger list published in Mexican media.

Newspaper Diario de Yucatan said on its website that among the victims were 55-year-old businessman Luis Octavio Reyes Dominguez, his wife, and their three children.

The wreckage of the plane was found via aerial surveillance in a remote mountainous zone in the northern municipality of Ocampo, the government of Coahuila state said in a statement.

In a statement, Canada’s Bombardier Inc identified the jet as a Challenger 601 and said the plane had gone missing about 280 kilometres from the northern Mexican city of Monclova.

The plane was registered to Utah-based TVPX, listed as an insurance, customs and trust company. The company declined to comment on who was operating the plane.

Local reports say there was a strong storm in the area at the time of the crash.

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