Peruvian Army Mi-17 Helicopter Crash Kills Five Soldier

Peruvian Army Mi-17 Helicopter Crash Kills Five Soldier
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A Peruvian military helicopter crashed into the water of río Urubamba near Miaria, Megantoni District, Peru.

Five crew members died in the crash, five were rescued and two are missing. The helicopter was engaged in an anti-drug reconnaissance mission.

The accident occurred on Saturday morning, while the helicopter, carrying a total of 12 servicemen, was performing a reconnaissance operation against illicit drug trafficking, according to a CCFFAA statement, released on Twitter.

“The Joint Command of the Armed Forces deeply regrets the death of the courageous members of the Armed Forces and expresses its deepest condolences to their families”, the statement says, listing the names of the five soldiers who died in the accident.

According to CCFFAA, another two servicemen are being searched for, while five others have been rescued.

The accident caused the death of the Army NCOs, John Salazar Periche, Javier Paredes Soncco and Santiago Huaita Estrada, as well as the Navy NCOs Yhoni Carlos Solano and Víctor Carpopata Macedo.

In addition, the Army captain, Fabrizzio Soto Charres, and the non-commissioned officer Marco Guerra Saavedra were reported missing.

Official information indicated that the Army Major, Erick Huamán Choque, Captain Augusto Reyes Olguín and NCOs Abel Chávez Manhualaya, Diego Marín Hidalgo and César Robles Inga were rescued with minor injuries.

The accident occurred due to a mechanical failure that caused the helicopter to crash into the Vilcanota River, CCFFAA said.

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