Russian Air Force Mil Mi-28 Helicopter Crashed Near Korenovsk Airfield

A Russian Air Force Mi-28 – Credits: Pavel Adzhigildaev via Wikipedia

Russian Air Force Mil Mi-28 helicopter crashed during a night training mission under unknown circumstances. Both crew members died in the crash.

The crash was probably caused by a pilot’s mistake or technical failure, the military source said.

A Russian Mi-28 military helicopter has crashed in Krasnodar Territory, in the south of Russia, leaving both crew members on board dead, the Russian Ministry of Defence confirmed on Wednesday.

Earlier, it was reported that the Mi-28 had disappeared from Russian radars.

“On 11 December 2019, at about 11:00 p.m. [Moscow time, or 20:00 GMT], a Mi-28 helicopter crashed in the Krasnodar Territory near the Korenovsk airfield during a training flight, carried out at night time under difficult weather conditions”, the ministry said in a statement.

The statement stressed that the flight was carried out without ammunition and the crash had left no destruction on the ground.

According to the military, the site of the crash has already been found and the helicopter was destroyed in the incident.

A special investigative team had been sent to the site to probe the incident.

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