Video of Antonov An-2T biplane Crash at Chernoye Airport

on Saturday 2 September 2017 an Antonov An-2T biplane was performing a display flight at an airshow at Chernoye Airport when it impacted the runway, killing both occupants.

RA-35171 took off at 12:11 and after circling at 400 m, began aerobatics manoeuvres over the runway.

The aircraft was coming out of a barrel roll and was turning onto runway heading. Altitude was lost during a sharp left-hand turn. The wings contacted the ground and the aircraft impacted the grass runway inverted.

The aircraft slid across the grass and a post-impact fire erupted.

The Russian aviation regulator Rosaviatsia reported that the Certificate of Airworthiness of the aircraft expired almost 5 years ago – in November 2012.

Additionally, both crew members did not have an An-2 type rating. The aerobatics manoeuvres performed by the aircraft were not allowed on the An-2.

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Cause of Crash:

The most likely cause of the crash of the An-2 RA-35171 was the failure of the PIC to pilot the An-2 aircraft at high flight speeds (an increase in the time required for the aircraft to leave the bank due to the decrease in the angles of the aileron deflection due to the pulling of the cable line due to a significant increase in forces in the transverse of the control channel at speeds of 270-300 km/h), which did not allow the aircraft to arrest the descent when maneuvering with large angles of bank at an extremely low flight altitude.

The contributing factors were:

  • piloting the aircraft at modes beyond the limits set by the AFM of the An-2 aircraft
  • Manoeuvring at an altitude less than that established for performing a demonstration flight over the aerodrome

Video of Antonov An-2T biplane Crash at Chernoye Airport 1


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