Azerbaijan Claims To Shot Down Two Armenian Su-25 Attack Jets

Azerbaijan Claims To Shot Down Two Armenian Su-25 Attack Jets
Armenian Air Force Su-25 attack aircraft fly in Vee formation over Yerevan’s Republican Square – Credits:

As we have reported earlier, Satellite Image Shows Turkish F-16 Fighter Jets Relocated To A New Base In Azerbaijan.

The Ministry Of Defense Of Azerbaijan claimed that its Air Defense Forces shot down two Armenian Su-25 Frogfoot attack jets.

“On October 29, at about 13:18 and 13:20, the two Su-25 attack aircraft of the Armenian armed forces that attempted to inflict airstrikes on the positions of the Azerbaijan Army in the Gubadli direction of the front were shot down by Azerbaijan Air Defense Units,” the Ministry Of Defense said in a statement.

At the same time, Armenia once again denied the statement of the Azerbaijani military.

Armenia and Azerbaijan said heavy fighting continues in their conflict over the separatist territory of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Fighting broke out on Sept. 27 in the region, which is located within Azerbaijan and under the control of local ethnic Armenian forces. It is some of the worst in Nagorno-Karabakh and surrounding areas since the end of a war in 1994.

Fighting over Nagorno-Karabakh has flared up multiple times since the end of a major war in 1994, which left the Armenian-backed Republic of Artsakh in de facto control of the region. However, it remains widely recognized as Azerbaijani territory.

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