Deadly weekend for aviation with Five fatal crashes, killing 183 people

It was a tumultuous weekend in aviation as five planes crashed, killing all aboard, in separate incidents in Ethiopia, Colombia, Mexico, and the United States.

Here are Details of Five Fatal Crash

1) Ethiopian Airlines flight with 157 people on board Crashed, No survivors

Ethiopian Airlines flight ET302, a Boeing 737 MAX 8, crashed shortly after takeoff from Addis Ababa-Bole Airport, Ethiopia. There were no survivors among the 157 occupants. The aircraft took off from runway 07R at Bole Airport at 05:38 UTC (08:38 local time). The airline reports that contact was lost at 08:44 local time.

In a press conference, the CEO of Ethiopian Airlines stated that the pilot reported difficulties with the aircraft to ATC. He was given clearance to return to the airport. Weather at the time of the accident was fine with visibility of 10+ km, few clouds at 2500 feet.

2) Cessna 337C Super Skymaster plane crash in Harrison County, 4 Dead

The aircraft impacted wooded terrain south of FM 968 on Waldrons Ferry Road. in Harrison County south of Hallsville, Texas.  The airplane sustained substantial damage and the 4 occupants received fatal injuries.  Witness heard a loud “boom”. The crash was then reportedly discovered by hunters.

3) Fourteen dead in a Douglas DC-3 plane crash in Colombia

The Douglas DC-3 aircraft impacted a rural dirt road near Villavicencio under unknown circumstances. The aircraft fuselage forward of the wings was completely destroyed by the post-impact fire. There were no survivors.

4) Piper PA-23-250 Aztec plane crashes into Lake Okeechobee, 5 Dead

The aircraft impacted the waters of Lake Okeechobee in Palm Beach County while on approach to Palm Beach County Glades Airport (KPHK), Pahokee, Florida. The airplane submerged, having sustained undetermined damage, and the five occupants onboard received fatal injuries.

5) Cessna plane crashed near Chetumal, Quintana Roo, 1 dead

A drugs plane en route to the US crashed under unknown circumstances. One occupant died, another was seriously injured.

Here are Details of  Few non-fatal crashes

1) 30 injured as a Boeing 777 plane carrying 326 passengers hits severe turbulence

30 people on an international flight coming into Kennedy Airport were injured when the flight experienced severe turbulence before landing, according to the Port Authority.

Turkish Airlines Flight 001 landed safely at JFK at 5:30 p.m. Saturday after the turbulence occurred, authorities said.

2) Boeing 737 carrying 189 passengers makes an emergency landing after reports of fire in cargo hold

Air Transat flight TS942 diverted to Newark Airport, New Jersey, USA, due to a flight deck indication of smoke in the cargo hold.  The aircraft was evacuated on the runway.  The aircraft, a Boeing 737-800, departed Montreal, Canada at 12:32 UTC. At 13:09 UTC, when the aircraft had just reached the en route altitude of FL360, the flight crew initiated a descent towards Newark Airport. A safe landing was made on runway 04R at Newark Airport at 13:26 UTC. An evacuation via slides was then carried out.


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