Helicopter blade reportedly kills Nigerian Air Force personnel in Borno

Helicopter blade reportedly kills Nigerian Air Force personnel in Borno

Personnel of the Nigerian Air Force, NAF, deployed to the North East following the Boko Haram crisis in the region, has been reportedly killed by the service helicopter in Bama, Borno State.

The aircraftman, identified as Umaru Abdul Ganimu, was said to be passing through the side of the functioning rotor when the blade chopped off his head.

The Aircraftman (ACM) was part of the NAF team actively engaged in counter-insurgency operation in the North East.

The incident occurred in Bama in Borno state on Saturday.

The aircraft was recovered and taken back to the airbase without any damage on tail rotor.

ACM was supposed to give directions for the landing helicopter when he was accidentally hit by the tail rotor and died instantly.

A military source said, “You know, he was one of the finest personnel in Bama and when you go for a lot of insurgency operations like that, you sometimes tend to forget what you are doing. He subconsciously moved towards the tail rotor and the damage was immediate.

“It is regrettable but this is not what the military wants to talk about. It is very painful.”

He has since been buried according to the Islamic rites at the Maimalari Military Cemetery in Maiduguri after the family members were duly informed.





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