IAF Mirage 2000 Scrambled After PLAAF J-11 Have Vectored Over Ladakh Near LAC

IAF Mirage 2000 Scrambled After PLAAF J-11 Were Vectored Over Ladakh Near LAC
Indian Airforce Fighter jets Patroling over Pangong Lake – Credits: The traveler from Jammu

The tensions between India and China reached new levels for the first time as the their airforces nearly engaged each other in the disputed region of Ladakh.

According to Indian sources a formation of PLAAF J11s from nearby Ngari Gunsa AB was seen Vectored towards the Pangong Tso lake and were flying on the Indian side of the LAC.

They remained there for a while UNCHALLENGED until a unit of Indian Mirage 2000s was scrambled, the Chinese ship had returned by then.

This is a serious escalation between the two sides.

While there was no official word from the IAF till now.

The reports come amid new tensions between India and China after soldiers from both sides clashed on the border last week, leaving many injured in fist fights and stone pelting.

While the two sides have officially disengaged on 6 May, both have rushed additional troops to the Pangong Tso lake area.

The Indian Air Force is carrying out regular sorties of its frontline fighter jet Su 30 MKI in the Ladakh region.

On May 5, 2020,  IAF fighter jets & Chinese Helicopters were in the air in Ladakh. Two helicopters of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army hovered close to the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh and Indian Air Force fighter jets had also been airborne at the same time.

“The Indian Air Force is regularly carrying out sorties of its Sukhoi 30 fighter aircraft in the Ladakh sector amid the simmering tension with China in the region. During the face-off last week, two Chinese choppers had come close to the border but there was no air space violation. The IAF’s Sukhoi 30 fighter jets were also airborne at the same time but it was routine flying and not in response to Chinese helicopters,” a source said.

The last major standoff between India and China sides took place at the Doklam plateau in 2017 when the two armies faced off against each other for 73 days.

The confrontations between the two countries come as most of the world, has been focused on arresting the spread of the novel coronavirus disease in the country, which first surfaced in China in December.

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