IAF says it has ‘irrefutable proof’ of shooting down PAF F-16, Shows Alleged Radar Image 

IAF says it has ‘irrefutable proof’ of shooting down PAF F-16, Shows Alleged Radar Image 

The Indian Air Force on Monday said it has “irrefutable evidence” of shooting down an F-16 aircraft of Pakistan Air Force during the February 27 aerial combat.

While addressing the media, Air Vice Marshal RGK Kapoor said, “The IAF has irrefutable evidence of not only the fact that the F-16 was used by Pakistan Air Force on February 27, 2019, but also that IAF MIG 21 Bison shot down the F-16″.

“There is no doubt that the two aircraft went down in the aerial engagement on 27 February, one of which was the bison of IAF while the other was F-16 of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) conclusively identified by its electronic signature and radio transcripts.”

“Have more credible evidence that is clearly indicative of fact that Pakistan has lost one F-16 however due to security and confidentiality concerns we are restricting the information being shared in the public domain,” said Air Vice Marshal.


According to IAF claims The AWACS radar image of the engagement area west of the Line of Control opposite Jhangar clearly establishes that there was a bunch of F-16s opposite Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman. In a second image taken 10 seconds later, one of the F-16s disappeared.

The Indian Air Force today said Pakistani aircraft fired multiple AMRAAM missiles which were defeated. “In the aerial combat that followed one MiG 21 Bison of the IAF piloted by Wing Commander Abhinandan shot down one F-16 of PAF. As shown in radar image on the slide. The F-16 crashed and fell across the LOC.

The IAF lost one MiG21 in the aerial engagement and Abhinandan ejected safely but his parachute drifted across the Line of Control, and he was taken into custody by Pakistan Army,” said the Air Vice Marshal.

The news conference comes just a few days after a U.S. publication, citing anonymous U.S. defense officials, reported that a count of Pakistan F-16 jets showed that none were missing.

The report contradicted the claim made by New Delhi that the IAF shot down an F-16 jet of Pakistan.

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