Indian Air force Aircraft (Virus SW80 microlight) Crashed Near Jorhat in Assam !Two Pilots Killed

According to defense spokesperson on Thursday, 15 February, Two Indian Airforce Pilots  were killed in an aircraft crash in Majuli river island district in Assam

Wing Commander Dushyant Vats and Wing Commander Jai Paul James were flying The Virus SW80 microlight aircraft. The accident took place shortly after noon, minutes shortly after the pilots took off from Jorhat’s airport, also known as Rworiah airport. The aircraft was reported to have crashed about 20 km away, at Majuli island, counted among the world’s biggest river islands.

The two-seater aircraft, one of the many small planes that the Indian Air Force maintains, is suspected to have developed a technical fault.

Lt Colonel Pande said the pilots attempted an emergency landing but the aircraft crashed at Darbar Chapori, a sand bar in the Brahmaputra in the northern part of Majuli district, and went up in flames.

Villagers in the sparsely populated district told authorities that they had seen the aircraft go up in flames.

old Video of late Pilot Wing Commander Dushyant Vats

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