Jet crash confirmed ! All 71 people on Saratov Airlines are Dead

A Russian plane has crashed with at least 65 passengers and six crew members on board. An emergency services source told Interfax news agency that there was ‘no chance’ anyone could have survived.

It had just taken off from Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport and was heading for the Urals, according to Russian media. The Saratov Airlines flight, an Antonov An-148 jet, was on its way to Orsk in Orenburg Oblast – about 100km south of the Ural mountains. Trackers showed that it had reached an altitude of around 6,400 feet.


However, as it was flying near Yusupovo and Argunovo, it suddenly dropped, before completely vanishing from air traffic control radars. It was later reported that it had crashed just outside Moscow.

Russia’s Emergencies Ministry has said it is urgently sending crews to the reported crash site. Media outlets in Russia are reporting that passengers’ bodies have been found near the small town of Zvyozdny, near Moscow, and that the plane wreckage has been located. However, neither of these claims have been confirmed by officials. More to follow

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