MH370 ‘crash site’ investigator makes SHOCK discovery

MH370 ‘crash site’ investigator makes SHOCK discovery.  MH370 investigator makes SHOCK discovery: The Crash site’ SURROUNDED by ‘illegal armed loggers high on METH’

THE MISSING MH370 Malaysia Airlines airplane may have been found by a leading crash investigator, who located the body of a possible downed jet in the depths of the Cambodian jungle. The search team in the Cambodian jungle have been warned illegal loggers armed with knives stand in their way

Ian Wilson and brother Jack began trekking through mountainous terrain this week to get to a zone they claim they’ve spotted MH370 on Google Maps.

The jet measures around 70metres, slightly longer than the Malaysia Airlines 63.7m body but with a mysterious gap between the body and tail.
MH370 'crash site' investigator makes SHOCK discovery
Some experts believe it is simply a plane caught in flight, but this has been dismissed by Wilson who is convinced it is on the ground.Speaking from Cambodia on Thursday, Wilson told Daily Star Online: “The first night we were in Phnom Penh, and earlier we headed west to a place in Kampong Speu, which is where we are now.

“At dawn we’re leaving for a place close to the Chrok La Eang waterfalls. It’s hard to see any real route to it by roads but its earmarked as a place for tourists to go so we’ll find it.

“Then from there it’s anyone’s guess, that’s probably as close as anyone has been to the site.

“We’ve got a tent and it’ll be home for a night or two unless it’s easier than I think it is. Currently there is lightening and thunderstorms.”

The mission, which he has spent two years planning, will cost him around £4,000.


Some experts believe it is simply a plane caught in flight but after Google Maps Updates Images With Alleged MH370 Crash Site. The plane has remained at the same location on satellite images dating from 2017 and 2015 (according to Google Maps data), which could dispel the theory that the satellite caught an in-flight plane when it took the pictures.

But they’ve been warned the area between Chrok La Eang Waterfalls and the spot could be rife with danger. An expat, who did not wish to be named, warned the area is prone to illegal logging. He added the drug methamphetamine is commonly used and that loggers are likely to be armed with knives, we can reveal.

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The aircraft last communicated with air traffic controllers around 38 minutes after takeoff when the plane was located over the South China Sea, and it dropped off ATC radars just minutes later. The last communication from the Lumpur Radar said: “Malaysian three seven zero, contact Ho Chi Minh one two zero decimal nine. Good night.” Captain Zaharie Shah, who was the pilot in command of the flight, responded: “Good night. Malaysian three seven zero.”

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