Pakistan International Airlines Airbus A320 Both Engine Was On Fire Before Crash: Report

Pakistan International Airlines Airbus A320 Both Engine On Fire Before Crash

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) passenger plane crashed in a residential area near Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport on Friday less than a minute before landing.  It is estimated that 107 people were aboard the plane, including 99 passengers and eight flight crew.

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Witnesses said the flight from Lahore had made three failed attempts to land at Jinnah International Airport before ploughing into the Model Colony area of the city on a fourth landing attempt.

The pilot also told air traffic control that he had lost one his engines and he made a final mayday call before the crash. The mayor of Karachi confirmed that all of 99 passengers and eight crew aboard the flight died in the crash

The plane was traveling from Lahore to Karachi. There were a total of 107 people on board, 99 passengers and eight crew members. By 4:30pm news emerged of eight bodies (two women and six men) that were taken to JPMC. According to Dr Seemin Jamali, executive director and head of Emergency Services, six injured residents of the colony have been brought in. Two have burn injuries, the rest are stable, she said.

A fire broke out after the plane crashed and the fire brigade reached. By approximately 4:30pm the fire was put out. Tankers have been sent by the water board. Ambulances have arrived as well.

Zafar Mehsood, the president of Bank of Punjab, is said to have survived the crash. He was taken to Combined Military Hospital, Malir. Other people have been taken here as well. It is being said that two passengers who were in the first row of seats may have also survived. However, this is unconfirmed news.

The plane was about to land at the Karachi airport. The flight number is PK-8303. The aviation division has confirmed the crash and said it was an A-320. The PIA CEO said the pilot’s last message was that there was a technical fault. He was told that the two runways were ready. He wanted to turn around. CEO Arshad Malik is on the way to Karachi and will visit the crash site.

At 2:34pm the plane was at a height of 275ft when it decided to land. But then it went up again. At 2:40pm, when the height was at 525ft, the connection with the plane was lost. Aviation expert Zafar Iqbal said: It’s suspected that there was structural damage to the place. It might have been a bird or something else.

It hit six houses while crashing. Electricity has been cut off in the area. The plane crashed in Model Colony near Malir Cantt Gate 2.

The plane was not flying at a great height as it was preparing to land. It hit the houses, causing their roofs to collapse. According to the Aviation Division, the pilot had given an emergency signal to the airport.

According to reports a woman and child have been injured in the crash. There is no news so far of other injuries. An emergency has been declared at the airport. Charred bodies were being retrieved, according to SAMAA TV reporter Khursheed Alam at 4:30pm.

The police and Rangers are trying to move people away so they can rescue people. So far, the fire is still raging. Army Quick Reaction Force have also reached the crash site.

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