Pakistan Navy has issued its longest NOTAM warning

Pakistan Navy has already issued its longest NOTAM warning ( Expect a Nuclear Missile in the next 36 hours.)

Pakistan Navy issues Navigational Warning for a Missile Test launch between 28th Jan to 1st Feb.The NAVAREA 9 message issued on NAVTEX and INMARSAT maritime services for all ships and aircrafts in the Indian ocean area.

Message details a very large oceanic area for being used for missile tests Today and tomorrow until 0900UTC.
What struck attention was the altitude of the test area.


As you can see in picture the first cordoned off area is 230 KM out on the sea from Karachi. A rectangular area.

The second rectangular area is another 2300 KM from area 1.

But the firing range from where almost all missiles are fired is near Jhelum. So distance between Karachi and Jhelum is 1100 KM
The missile if it is a missile test can have a range of 1100+230+2300 = about 3700Km range.


Since Jhelum and both cordoned off areas are in a straight line. It can be assumed that first area is the area where one of the missile stages is set to fall. Area two further down can be the target area


So we can assume that this is the longest range missile test ever in the history of Pakistan . According to experts this  missile  Could be an upgraded of  Shaheen or Ababeel MIRV. Inshallah it will be a success.

The range of  Shaheen-III is 2750 km and the range of Ababeel MIRV is 2250 km

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