Pilot Veer Israeli F-16I Sufa Into A Ditch During Taxi

Pilot Veer Israeli F-16I Sufa Into A Ditch During Taxi after Loses Braking Action.

An Israeli Air Force F-16I Sufa belonging to the 119 Squadron, also known as “The Bat” Squadron, was damaged at Ramon air base, Israel, on Oct. 31.

F-16I Sufa was reportedly returning from a training mission. However, based on the only available image, the aircraft seems to carry at least alive GBU-38 JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition).

According to the reports, the aircraft was taxiing after landing when the pilot lost braking action: the pilot deliberately forced the Sufa into a ditch in order to stop it. The emergency maneuver prevented the aircraft from harming ground crews. The aircrew managed to escape the aircraft safely.

The incident is being investigated; the extent of the damage suffered by the aircraft is unknown.

The F-16I Soufa (Storm) is a modified variant of the F-16D block 50 and 52 fighters and ground attack aircraft, with the avionics and weapons systems capability modified to meet the requirements of the Israeli Air Force.

Israel ordered 50 F-16I aircraft in 2001 and signed the agreement for an optional additional 52 aircraft in September 2001. The Israeli Air Force has selected the F16I in a two-seat configuration only.

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