Repairing Tyndall Air Force base & F-22 will easily top a billion dollars

Repairing Tyndall Air Force base & F-22 will easily top a billion dollars. First look at Tyndall Air Force Base damage. ‘It Will Be Years’ Before Life At Tyndall Air Force Base Returns To Normal

U.S.A.F Tyndall Air Force Base took a direct hit from Hurricane Michael

Tyndall airbase suffered a lot of damage from Hurricane Michael. Many buildings on base are a complete loss, and the rest sustained severe damage. The drone runway had catastrophic damage. Tyndall’s marina is completely destroyed, including its structures and docks. Damage to hangars is slowing efforts to assess aircraft damage.

More Than 17 F-22s May Have Been Damaged by Hurricane Michael

Seventeen F-22s seemed to have suffered some damage. It has not been reported how many will be completely written off.

According to Colonel Laidlaw, about 99 percent of base housing and other facilities sustained some degree of damage.

On-base personnel has been allowed on base the past four days to return to their homes, evaluate the damage, and get some of their belongings.

He said they intend to take care of all of their airmen to get them to a location that makes sense for them and their families, but at this time he doesn’t have an answer as to when a decision about the base will be made.


“I can tell you in 24 hours this base is going to be in better shape than it is right now, just like it was 24 hours ago. I’m stepping through a phase of recovery efforts at this point in time that’s involved with let’s make this base for people to habitat and then we’ll move to get our families back,” Colonel Brian Laidlaw said.

The colonel said they are actively working on future plans for the base.

Hurricane Michael’s eye actually crossed right around Tyndall Air Force Base, which is why the damage there is so intense


Airman Ryan Beath, of Port St. Lucie, safeguarded military base after Hurricane Michael

“It’s not something I’d want to do again. It was just a catastrophe,” Beath, 20, said Friday standing near his storm battered Nissan sports car. “It was really bad. It’s the worst hurricane I’ve ever seen.”

Beath, a military police officer, got to Tyndall in March after training in Texas. He was supposed to be on leave at the time of the storm, but was told he had to stay.

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