Pilot Dead in a Royal Hellenic Air Force T-2E Buckeye plane crash

Pilot Dead in a Royal Hellenic Air Force North American T-2E Buckeye plane crash about 7 nautical miles near the village Kollines north of the city of Sparta in south Peloponnese. The accident occurred at 8:50 a.m


Defense Minister Panos Kammenos declared a 3-day mourning in Hellenic Air Force for the death of  37-year-old Squadron Leader Nikolaos Vassiliou, who was also a father of two.

A pilot died in a crash while The co-pilot survived the crash as he managed to eject his seat.

In contrast to initial media reports short after the accident, the pilot had no time to eject himself from the aircraft.

He was reportedly found inside the plane still holding the wheel.

The co-pilot was taken to the hospital of Kalamata, he is reportedly in good health condition.

The aircraft has taken off for the training mission from the 120 Air Force Training Wing in Kalamata.

The reasons for the crash remain for the time being unknown.

The trainer and the trainee had more than 2,500 flight hours

The seats of T-2 Buckeye eject with a difference of 40 seconds and in different directions.

The first seat to be ejected is the one with the co-pilot, the trainer, who sits in the back seat.

The 39-year-old co-pilot reportedly contacted authorities after he touched the ground.


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