Two Finnish Air Force Hawks Jets Drifted Off The Runway At Tikkakoski

Credits: Finnish Air Force

Finnish Air Force spokesman tells that two Hawk jet training aircraft have drifted off the runway during landing.

One of the planes drifted off the runway and the other stopped in the net. No personal injuries have occurred in the situation.

The Air Force Academy says that the cause of the accident, based on the current information, is slippage. The machines are currently being moved out of the field.

The accident happened when six Hawks were returning from a training program flight mission. The first two planes landed successfully, but their pilots reported slippage.

The two planes that landed next drifted out so that one ended up over the end of the runway in the stop net and the other on the left side of the runway in the snow project.

The last two Hawks were directed to the reserve field. The runway was closed for a couple of hours due to the incident.

The Air Force School is conducting an aviation safety investigation of the crash.

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