Two Marine F/A-18 Hornet collide midair over Twentynine Palms, California

Two F/A-18s collided in midair over the sprawling Twentynine Palms, California, Marine training base on Feb. 28, according to military officials.

They both pilot managed to land safely after “experiencing a mid-air incident” over Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms, 1st Lt. Fredrick D. Walker, a spokesman for 3rd MAW, told Marine Corps Times. “No personnel were injured.”

The two Hornets involved in the accident are from 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing.

F/A-18C Hornets assigned to Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 115 prepare to be refueled during Integrated Training Exercise 1-18 over Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, Twentynine Palms, Calif., Oct. 28, 2017. (Staff Sgt. Kowshon Ye/ Marine Corps)

A military safety brief noted that the accident occurred while the aircraft were conducting close-air support training. The Corps provided few details of the incident, and the extent of the damage to the two aircraft is unknown.

But the accident was listed as a Class A mishap, which is defined by the Navy as an accident where an aircraft is destroyed or sustains $2 million or more in damages.

It’s the second major aviation mishap for the Corps since the start of 2019.


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