U.S. F-15 jets Mistakenly bomb Kurdish Unit in Syria: 6 dead & 15+ Injured

U.S. F-15 jets Mistakenly bomb Kurdish Unit in Syria: 6 dead & 15+ Injured. Blue-on-green incident reported as US-led coalition F-15 jets Mistakenly Struck Kurdish Unit in Syria – 6 Killed and 15+ Injured.

US-led coalition F-15 jets Mistakenly Struck Kurdish Unit in Syria

The incident involving a US Air Force jet occurred on Thursday when an F-15 conducted an airstrike on Kurdish formations fighting Daesh terrorists in Syria, killing 6 Kurdish soldiers and wounding 15 more.

“We have received reports about a possible ‘blue-on-green’ incident in northeast Syria. The incident is under investigation and we will release more details at the appropriate time. The SDF [Syrian Democratic Forces] is a partner in the effort to defeat ISIS [Daesh], and we will continue to support them as they liberate the last stronghold of ISIS in the Middle Euphrates River Valley,” Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman Col. Sean Ryan told Sputnik.

A military-diplomatic source told Sputnik that due to US Air Force incompetence, two coalition f-15 fighter jets made an airstrike on Kurdish formations fighting Daesh in Syria.

“Because of the unprofessional actions of the US Air Force in regard to a Kurdish unit advancing on terrorists from the Islamic State organization [Daesh], a bombing attack was carried out today by two F-15 fighters from the coalition forces. As a result, 6 Kurdish militias were killed and 15 more were seriously injured,” the source said.

According to the source, Kurdish militia units with the support of US-led coalition forces have been carrying out an unsuccessful offensive on Daesh stronghold in Hajin area in Syria’s Der ez-Zor province for over six months.

“The imitation of the fight against terrorists in this region of Syria has been going on for more than six months and has been used by Washington to justify its illegal presence in this country,” the source stressed.

The source said that the lack of coordination of actions between the command of the US forces and the SDF units had not only led to the disruption of another attempt to attack Daesh positions, but also to the massive desertion of Kurds militias from the occupied area.

“All these facts testify to the failure of the US policy in Syria, which, like in neighboring Iraq, does not resolve the problems, but instead creates new ones for the whole region,” the source concluded.

The US-led coalition has been operating in Syria against Daesh since 2014 without, however, receiving an approval for its operations by either the UN or the Syrian government.



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