Ukraine’s Military Intelligence Confirms Striking Two Russian Su-57 Fighter Jets

Ukraine's Military Intelligence Confirms Striking Two Russian Su-57 Fighter Jets
Satellite imagery of the reported strike on a Russian Su-57 fighter jet. Photo: GUR

In a daring and unprecedented operation, Ukraine’s military intelligence agency (HUR) has confirmed a successful strike on two of Russia’s most advanced fighter jets, the Su-57, at the Akhtubinsk airfield in Astrakhan Oblast. This historic attack demonstrates Ukraine’s growing capability to reach deep into Russian territory and target high-value assets.

During a broadcast on June 12, HUR spokesperson Andrii Yusov revealed details of the operation, which took place on June 8.

“One Su-57 suffered significant damage, and the other one sustained lighter damage and may be possible to restore,” Yusov stated. Satellite imagery confirmed the successful strike on the airfield, located roughly 590 kilometers (over 360 miles) from the front line, underscoring the reach of Ukrainian forces.

The Su-57, Russia’s flagship fifth-generation stealth fighter, entered service in December 2020 and is designed to replace ageing Soviet-era aircraft like the Su-27 and MiG-29.

This attack marks the first known instance of these advanced jets being struck, highlighting a significant milestone in the conflict. The successful targeting of such high-value assets signals a new level of sophistication in Ukrainian military operations.

Although HUR has not publicly claimed direct responsibility, sources within the agency told AFP that Ukrainian-made combat drones were employed in the strike.

Ukraine has increasingly utilized drones to carry out long-range operations against military and industrial targets within Russian borders, demonstrating its evolving military tactics.

Following the strike, Russia’s defense ministry reported the downing of three drones over the Astrakhan region on June 10, indicating ongoing Ukrainian efforts to penetrate deep into Russian airspace.

This bold strike on the Su-57 jets underscores the escalating capabilities of Ukrainian forces. By successfully hitting one of Russia’s most advanced fighter jets, Ukraine has showcased its ability to conduct high-stakes operations that can potentially shift the dynamics of the conflict.

The attack’s implications are likely to resonate throughout both military and political spheres in Russia and Ukraine, prompting potential shifts in strategies and defense mechanisms.

As the conflict continues to unfold, such high-impact operations will play a crucial role in shaping the future course of military engagements between the two nations.

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