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Bride Killed in Helicopter Crash en-route to a wedding

On December 2016  a tragic incident of helicopter crash happened which resulted in the killing of  four people including a bride who was  en-route to her  wedding In addition to the bride, the other victims included her brother, Silvano Nascimento da Silva, the wedding photographer, Nayla Cristina Neves Lousada, who …

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Fighter jets Top 15 UNBELIEVABLE Maneuvers at Low Level Flight

The Aircraft are performing UNBELIEVABLE & Spectacula fighter jet Maneuvers at Low Level Flight . The aircraft are also demonestrating flying fighter jets at  at high speed, sonic boom at supersonic speed & vertical takeoff at high speed The above video clips are taken from a 2016 Chicago Air Show . …

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F-18 Hornet Try racing with Tomahawk Missile

F-18 Try racing with Tomahawk Missile ! F-18 VS Tomahawk In the above video, you can see an F-18 hornet and Tomahawk missile racing with each other. The goal was , which one reaches the target (Container First ) Tomahawk missile was launched from USS Kidd (DD-661) a Fletcher-class destroyer In the End, …

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