Algeria Air Force – Su-30MKA ( Flanker-H )

Algeria Air Force - Su-30MKA ( Flanker-H )

Algerian Su-30MKA or ( Flanker-H ) are generally based on Indian Su-30MKI, but the difference it doesn’t have Israeli avionics, and it was replaced by Russian and French avionics (Thales, Damocles, Navflir).



They have a thrust vectoring engines Saturn AL-31FP and also it equipped with the advanced N011M BARS pulse Doppler passive electronically scanned array (PESA) radar, and has a Russian MAW-300 missile approach warning sensor (MAWS), RWS-50 RWR and optical-location system (OLS).

Further details of the Su-30MKA’s avionics suite have not been revealed, though the aircraft is believed to be extremely similar to the Su-30MKM built for the Royal Malaysian Air Force .



The aircraft were part of the $7.5bn arms deal signed by Algeria with Russia in 2006 for 28 MiG-29SMTs, 6 MiG-29UBT trainers and 28 Su-30MKA multirole fighters. Algeria also retained options on up to 30 more MiG-29s.

The combined value of the MiG-29 and Su-30 acquisitions was estimated at about $2.8bn. Algeria had another option for sixteen Su-30MKA aircraft (replacing the refused 34 MiG-29SMT). The Algerian Air Force had 44 Su-30MKAs in service as of January 2014.

Russia and Algeria have signed contract details for 14 Sukhoi Su-30MKA (NATO reporting name: Flanker) multirole fighters, Rostec state corporation Director General Sergey Chemezov said on 11 September 2015. “The contract has been signed. Fourteen planes will be delivered to Algeria in 2016-17,” he said on a visit to Irkutsk Aircraft Plant in Siberia. Forty-four aircraft of the same type had already been received by the North African state, he said.

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