JF-17 Thunder Armoury LS6 Extended Range Bomb

LS-6 Extended Range Guided Bomb Is Based On Low Drag 1000 lbs (Equivalent Of Mk-83) Series Bomb.

With A Modular Guidance Unit And Two Wing Kits.LS-6 Can Convert Conventional Bombs Into Smart Guided Munitions With Standoff Capability And Precision Engagement. LS-6 Employees  Combined GPS/INS Guidance To Achieve

All-weather, Fire, And Forget Capability.

LS-6 Can Be Launched Safely Out Side The Engagement Range Of Medium And Short Range SAMs At A Safe Release Range Of 60Km.


Release Altitude: 4000-11000 m
Release Speed: 600-1000 kph
Max Engagement Range: 60Km


Length : 309 cm
Diameter: 38 cm
Fin Span: 89 cm
Wing Span: 274 cm
Weight: 555 kg

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