Maiden Flight of Russia’s New Mi-38T Helicopter Set for May

Maiden Flight of Russia’s New Mi-38T Helicopter Set for May

( Read what additional it has over and above Mi-38)

Russia’s new Mi-38T military helicopter designed for airborne troops will take to the skies this month, a spokesperson for a Kazakh factory with the Russian Helicopters aviation giant told Sputnik.

“The plan is to see the helicopter, which is being adapted to the Defense Ministry’s requirements, take off on its maiden flight in May,” the spokesperson for Kazan Helicopters said Thursday. Russian Helicopters, the country’s only helicopter-maker, and a leading global producer said the new multirole chopper will be supplied to the Defense Ministry in October-December 2018.

It is different from the original Mi-38 helicopter in that it comes with additional fuel tanks to allow a wider flight range and can be outfitted with means of military communication.

The fuel system in Mi-38 T is installed with explosion protection as well as additional fuel tanks have been provided for extended range. Special communication equipment and equipment for maritime rescue suite have been provided.

Mi-38 occupies a place between legendary Mi-8 and heavy Mi-26 and can be used for cargo, passenger transport, as a search and rescue helicopter and also for flights over water. Mi-38 can be operated in a variety of climatic conditions. In Mi-38T, now an ‘Arctic’ version of the helicopter is also being created.

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