Rates of American missile and air defense systems

These are the rates of American missile and air defence systems. These rates were displayed in a Defence Expo held in May 2017. Even these defence systems are quite reliable. Comparing them you will find that Russians are opening their mouth way too wide by demanding 7 billion for 5 batteries of S-400.

Aegis Ashore – Ballistic Missile Defence – 700 million

THAAD – Ballistic Missile Defence – 
800 million

Patriot – SAM with missile defence –
240 million

AN/TWQ-1 Avenger – Mobile SAM –
5 million

FM-92G Stinger – MANPADS-38,000 $

AGM-114R Hellfire Romeo-Air to Surface-100,000 $

AGM-182 – Air to Surface- 100,000 $

AM-120C-AMRAAM– Air to Air – 400,000 $

AM-120D-AMRAAM-Air to Air- 1.8 million $

BGM-109 Tomahawk – Surface to Surface cruise missile – 1.9 million $

AGM-88E HARM – Anti Radiation Missile – 870,000 $

In the picture, you are seeing BGM-109 Tomahawk launched from USS Barry (DDG-52)

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