Auction House Lists Rare X-15 Photo Signed by 7 Test Pilots For $7000

Auction House Lists Rare X-15 Photo Signed by 7 Test Pilots For $7000
A screengrab of the eBay listing for the “Seven X-15 Test Pilot” photo showing the $8250 starting price. (Photo: via eBay)

Auction House Lists Rare X-15 Photo with Autographs of Neil Armstrong, William “Pete” Knight, Scott Crossfield, Bill Dana, Joe Engle, Bob White and Milt Thompson.

An ultra-rare photo of the experimental X-15 rocket plane signed by seven of its most famous test pilots, including the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, is one solid gift idea.

This artifact showed up on eBay and was originally listed for $8,250. When we did some investigating we found the prominent Las Vegas collectible artifact broker, History for Sale, was behind the listing.

A shrewd buyer could snap up the signed photo at a discount directly from the History for Sale website for a mere $7,012.50, a whopping savings of $1237.50!

The Aviationist spoke to History for Sale in Las Vegas about the rare photo, they told them, “Our system indicates we acquired this piece some years ago from another auction house”.

If the $7,012.50 price tag still gives you a case of supersonic sticker shock, it’s worth considering why a photo like this is actually so valuable- and unique.

You can see the details about the photo on The Aviationist

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