Blue Angels Fat Albert C-130

 Blue Angels Fat Albert C-130

Blue Angels’ iconic C-130 transport, better known as Fat Albert performs a demo at every  Blue Angels show site. Initially, Blue Angels use the United States Marine Corps used “Fat Albert”, for their logistics, carrying spare parts, equipment, and carrying support personnel between shows but later from 1975 they start using Fat Albert for JATO and short aerial demonstrations.

Fat Albert display includes a takeoff and a low, high-speed transition followed by a triumphant climb

Before the low transition and steep climb was introduced as the primary opening maneuver for Fat Albert’s demonstration, a Jet Assisted Take-Off (JATO, also known as RATO for Rocket) departure was performed. This was a favorite for spectators, especially during evening shows, as it was a fireworks display unto itself.

Each of the eight JATO bottles put out about 1,000 pounds of thrust on ignition, allowing Fat Albert to takeoff in a laughably small amount of distance, and reaching a 45-degree angle of ascent as it clawed its way skyward

By 2010 Fat Albert stop JATO takeoff as JATO bottles were no longer in production Israel still retains JATO capabilities for its C-130s .

Blue Angels Fat Albert C-130 jet-assisted takeoff


The Blue Angels Jet Assisted Fat Albert C-130 video shows an amazing takeoff of this C-130 (JATO) jet-assisted take-off Blue Angels aircraft. You will also see a flyby and a stop on a dime landing filmed at the Alliance Airshow in Fort Worth, Tx.

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