Most Badass Close Air support videos ever Recorded

Most Badass Close Air support videos ever Recorded. Freedom at 2000 rounds per minute. Troops outside Baghdad witness preliminary bombardment of Iraqi trenches before the inevitable assault.

In 2003 the United States carried out the surprise attack on Iraqi forces. The overnight attack was quick and swift and the darkness was lit up by tracers and missiles alike. 

The below videos are also of Iraq War – It includes Furious Firefights at Night & Urban Close Air Support.

The U.S. and Iraqi Special Operations Forces conduct combat operations at night-time. TheVideo Scenes include soldiers during intense firefights with the enemy, raiding buildings, taking shelter and cordoning the area, as well as firing weapons from the Humvees, airstrikes from the AH-1 Cobra, MH-6 Little Bird, Sikorsky UH-60 helicopters and artillery fire.

Someone from one of the battalions was able to record what was happening with his night vision goggles, and the footage below shows the chaos of that night.

From Gatling guns targeting enemy soldiers in trenches to attack helicopters firing missiles at military structures, that night saw some of the most aggressive fighting seen in decades.

Check out the nonstop action in the video below. It’s sure to make your heart beat a little faster.  

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