The Next U.S. Supercarrier: USS Barack Obama or USS Donald Trump?

The Next U.S. Supercarrier: USS Barack Obama or USS Donald Trump?

What will be the name of The Next U.S. Supercarrier: USS Barack Obama or USS Donald Trump? America’s currently has 5 new supercarriers. Four of them already have names, while one of them the yet to be named. Here is the latest American aircraft carrier:

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The yet to be named (CVN-81) is slated to leap in price to just over $15Billion and could be the most expensive ship ever built.

So the Biggest question is Should the U.S. Navy name a future Ford-class carrier after President Barack Obama or Donald Trump?

U.S. Navy ships are named by the secretary of the Navy—under the direction of the president—according to a 2012 Navy report to the Congress.

But within the Navy, there are two warring camps—“orthodox traditionalists” who believe ship names should rigidly follow naming conventions, and “pragmatic traditionalists” who are more flexible.

Naming conventions for aircraft carriers and for other ships have changed over the years, but the current unofficial convention was adopted in 1996 with the 104th Congress.

The Republican-dominated Congress demanded the Democratic President Bill Clinton name the next carrier after President Ronald Reagan.

Clinton acquiesced after a compromise was reached—CVN-75 would be renamed Harry S. Truman after the thirty-third and Democratic president, instead of being called the United States.

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The Next U.S. Supercarrier: USS Barack Obama or USS Donald Trump?

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  1. Considering Barack Obama almost killed the navy, I don’t see them wanting to name a tug boat after him

    • Oh do shutup. Trump, the worst president in modern history has been busy trying to decommission the Truman, that’s not even halfway through it’s service life. Obama is a well regarded former President, and that’s a name you want on equipment that travels the world. Anything named Trump will be jeered at and have tomatoes thrown at it anywhere it sails.

  2. Thank you for Not allowing my email to be Published…

  3. Thank you for Not giving out my email address…At the Present time I have Noticed that there is just one Nation that is Building a Advanced Weapon which I Believe could push Nuclear Weapons into the Second spot as it were…I am Surprised that Donald Trump has Not attempted to Build or Purchase this Game changing Weapon…I do not think Donald Trump is that interested in having a New Advanced Super Carrier after him…But if I am Wrong about this, I Believe the Donald Trump should leave this until the Next President takes over…In the Meantime, God Bless America and All the United States Armed Services…

  4. ending war

  5. James Stafford CV-41

    You can name a Submarine Tender or Mine Sweeper after the 44th President. I refuse to say his name. Then Finally he will be participating in something that HELPS the United States instead of transforming it for the worse. Name it after the President who Lives, Breathes, and with every heartbeat, Loves and Adores the United States of America! President Donald J. Trump.

  6. Good compromise. Call it the William Halsey Jr.. After all, the Nimitz class was named after Chester W. Nimitz and the Spruce class destroyers after Raymond Spruce. Halsey deserves to have a ship named after him.

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