Video of Russian Mi-28N gunship crashing at airshow


Warning, this video shows the crash of the helicopter and is of graphic nature. Viewer discretion is advised:

On 2 Aug 2015 A Mi-28N “Havoc” attack helicopter from Russia’s Golden Eagles aerobatic display team lost control during one of the team’s signature maneuvers and came spinning to the ground. Amazingly, one of the helicopter’s two crewmen escaped the wreckage largely unscathed, while the other was killed.

The helicopter crashed near Russia’s Ryazan during an aerobatic display. A pilot managed to get out of the burning aircraft, as can be seen on a video by Ruptly video agency.

The display was part of the Aviamix air show, one of the most prominent in Russia, which also coincides with the international Aviadarts aerial combat competition held partially nearby.

RT reports that in a statement from the Defense Ministry’s press service, the cause of the accident seems to be known:

“According to the preliminary report of the hospitalized pilot of Mi-28N, when performing an aerobatic stunt, the emergency alert system of the helicopter reported the fail

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Russia’s Air Force Commander-in-Chief Viktor Bondarev has ordered the grounding of all Mi-28 assault helicopters following the catastrophe in central Russia, the Defense Minister reported.

“The crew fought to save the helicopter to the end. Unfortunately, the chief pilot died on impact – the co-pilot survived. According to the second pilot, the accident occurred due to technical failure. I have suspended all Mi-28 flights. The commission under my leadership is working to clarify the causes of the disaster,” Bondarev said.

There was no further damage on the ground, officials added and emphasized that the crowd watching the International Army Games air show was never in a position of danger as the flights were conducted at a safe distance.

Mi-28s are two-seat attack helicopters, which replaced Soviet-built gunships in Russia’s fleet. The models have been sold to other countries including Iraq and Kenya.

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