How can I Fly with the Blue Angels? Here Are 3 Ways You Can

How can I Fly with the Blue Angels? Here Are 3 Ways You Can

Although there are plenty of really talented and fearless aircraft demonstration teams around the world, the Blue Angels have a special place in our hearts. Though the Thunderbirds are awesome and England’s Red Arrows are also elite pilots, it’s the heritage of the Blues we love so much.

Unfortunately, not anybody can join the famous Blue Angels for a F/A-18 flight, but the possibility exists – unfortunately not for everybody.

You may wonder “How come this (celebrity, newscaster, random) person gets to fly with them 

So here is the answer Who can fly in the F/A-18 Hornet Jet with the Blue Angels?

There are fixed rules, however, it is not possible to buy a backseat flight with the Blue Angels without “being selected”. In other countries, it is possible to fly a supersonic fighter, such as the supersonic MiG-29 Flight in Russia. With the Blue Angels, it is different.

The Blue Angels have 3 backseats each show to give away, with pilot #7.

Now, which lucky guy gets one of these seats?

  •  Two of the jet rides with the Blue Angels go to people selected by the Key Influencer program (KI). Key Influencers are those with substantial influence among young people, the targeting group for Navy and Marines recruiting (sorry older guys, this is the truth).

“The KI program selects individuals who shape attitudes and opinions of youth in their communities”

So it is expected these influencers go to the influenced crowd and tell them how cool the Blue Angels ride is (and hopefully also how cool the Blue Angels/Navy/Marines are).

“They are not always the person at the top of an organization, but rather individuals that have a strong impact on recruiting youth and/or a specific target audience.”

Kaci Aitchison is one of the Key Influencer program (KI) selected candidates. Kaci Aitchison is not only a singer and comedian but also a Reporter for Q13 FOX News. So she somehow belongs to both categories. have a look at her Blue Angels flight video


  • Now, there is a second category allowed to fly, as indicated above. In the third backseat, each show is given away to a “credentialed media representative”. This basically means you have to be a reporter, journalist, photographer, or any other person in this field

Steve is a reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The question I asked myself when watching this video was: What comes first: Unconsciousness or stopping chewing that beloved gum? I’m really not sure…


  • The last one is the toughest of course. That is, become a Blue Angel. Let’s say there are a few more requirements in order to do that though. But at least you’ll get to fly in the front seat, not the back.


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  1. hi my name is tim a recovering alcholic. 9 years sober. can i please fjy with the blue angels when they come to Michigan. i love fasr roller coasters and this would be the best ride of my life. i see you all everytime your here please please please.

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