Watch The Most RECKLESS PILOTS: Lowest Flights You’ve Never Seen Before

It’s a real pleasure to see aerobatics performed by professional pilots high in the sky.

These events are usually filmed by specialists, while spectators watch the show from the ground.

However, sometimes anyone can capture spectacular images, and not during a special air show, but absolutely by chance.

Today we have compiled such videos for you. Really cool airplane flights just a few feet off the ground: it’s a terrifying and fascinating spectacle at the same time. Ready to see them? Then…

Low pass flybys are cool but they are very dangerous pilot put him and his million dollar Aircraft in huge risk while performing them

Low passes become dangerous when the pilot decides to go into a steep turn as part of his his low fly-by show. When an airplane goes into a steep turn, all the lift is going sideways.

Visualize: put your hand out as if to shake hands. That’s a wing in a steep turn. Now, with your other hand, poke a finger into the first palm. The finger shows the direction of lift: sideways. Lift needs to be vertical to keep an aircraft in the air.

The other thing: the stall speed of the wing goes way up in a steep turnMeaning, you have to fly much faster to keep the wings flying (generating lift) than in straight & level flight.

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