SPOILER ALERT – Top Gun: Photos Show F-14 Snared In Carrier’s Crash Barricade

Yesterday, we reported Legendary F-14 Tomcat is back on The Deck Of An Aircraft Carrier For Top Gun 2 Production

Today few Photos appeared online showing F-14 Snared In Carrier’s Crash Barricade on USS Theodore Roosevelt -So we might see Tense tomcat emergency landing into the ship’s barricade in Top Gun 2 Movie

In the image below you can see The ship’s barricade risers are erected on the USS Theodore Roosevelt during Top Gun 2 two productions. 

It’s worth clarifying again that this aircraft is not flyable. There are no flyable Tomcats anywhere in the world outside of Iran. Getting one back in the air in the U.S. would be nearly impossible due to bureaucratic red tape and cost, among other factors.

As for the origins of the Tomcat used in the production, the jet is F-14A #159631, the 178th Tomcat Grumman built, which has called the San Diego Air And Space Museum’s Gillespie Field Annex in El Cajon home for years.

The barricade is a nylon net that is attached to the ship’s arresting gear system that ‘catches’ a stricken airplane that cannot, or has a very low probability of, ‘trapping’ normally aboard the ship by catching one its arresting wires. 

The barricade is also used if an aircraft has only one shot at landing and there are no other divert airfields available that it can safely make it to. The usual alternative to a barricade engagement is an ejection, a dangerous affair that is even more perilous out in the open ocean and especially in bad weather conditions. An ejection also means the total loss of an aircraft, the airframe that may be packed with packed with sensitive technologies sinking to the ocean floor.



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