Helicopter vs car ! Fastest car in the world vs fastest helicopter in the world

Helicopter vs car: Fastest car in the world vs fastest helicopter in the world


Fastest Car vs. Fastest Helicopter – Which is Faster?

If you ask your friend which one faster ! Fastest car in the world or fastest helicopter in the world ?

Everyone will say the helicopter but that’s not true a conventional helicopter fly at a speed of 400KM/H the record being get by john trevor egginton 30 year ago while just this year the Koenigsegg agrea RS demolished that record bt driving at 445 KM/H


Viper versus Cobra

In the above video you can see a battle between Dodge Viper SRT a  and  Cobra attack helicopter through the streets of Griffin, Georgia.


Aerobatic Helicopter Chases Drifting Race Car

In the above video you can see a Bolkov BO105 helicopter vs Toyota GT 86 1000HP With Felix at the controls of a Bolkov BO105 aerobatic helicopter, he teamed up with Polish drifting ace Jakub Przygoński and his Toyota GT 86 1000HP.

The name of game was seeing how closely the chopper could track the movements of the race car.

Lotus Exige VS  Apache Helicopter Gunship

In the above video, you can see Lotus Exige going against  Apache helicopter – let’s see who will win.

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