India Army Demonstrates AI-Powered Combat Swarm Drone Technology Using 75 Drones At Army Day Parade

India Army Demonstrates AI-Powered Combat Swarm Drone Technology Using 75 Drones At Army Day Parade

The Indian Army carried out a live demonstration of alleged AI-Powered combat drone swarming capability during the Army Day Parade held at Delhi Cantt.

During the demonstration, 75 UAV and small drones were flown together in a large swarm through AI technology. These ‘swarm drones’ can be used for simultaneous large attacks on enemy tanks, ICVs, infantry combat vehicles and trucks loaded with soldiers and ammunition, as well can be used for supplying medicines and other equipment.

The Army termed the system a disruption technology, which can hit targets 50 km inside enemy territory. The drones can carrying out a simulated Kamikaze attack on targets, including enemy tanks, fuel depots, terror hideout, and radar positions, among others.

The quadcopter drones of multiple payload capacity were also shown delivering medical aids and para-dropping essential supplies to showcase that the system can be used for support to troops deployed in harsh and forward positions.

The Army announced that a total of 600 kg supplies can be delivered by these drones.

Sources in the Army said the system has been developed in collaboration with a Bengaluru startup, NewSpace Research, and Technologies.

“We started in August with five systems, which was scaled up to 20 in October, 30 in December, and now 75,” a source said, adding that the effort is to scale up even further.

Army sources said that these drones are based on multiple algorithms and Artificial Intelligence.

Defence industry sources, however, said that the presentation did not involve swarm drone demonstration, but just a drone formation as swarm drones have a centralized launch operation and have the capability to acquire targets.

swarm drone is a concept where a large cluster (or several clusters) of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are flown together in contested or hostile airspace, in order to confuse the radar with a bigger image of the actual target and to achieve their objective. These drones (or robots) work in tandem with each other and are controlled either manually or autonomously through processors on board.

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