Flight Lesson in a CF-18: Learn How To Fly A Hornet Fighter Jet

Flight Lesson in a CF-18: Learn How To Fly A Hornet Fighter Jet

Flight Lesson in a CF-18

Captain Erick O’Connor of Canadian Forces 409 Squadron, gives LearnToFly.ca Editor, Geoff McKay, his first lesson in the cockpit of a CF-18 Hornet Fighter Jet.

The CF-18 is the primary front-line fighter in Canada, and it is used every day to protect the sovereignty of the country.

CF-18 Performance

When you first climb into the cockpit, you quickly realize the CF-18 Hornet Fighter Jet is more like a computer with wings and a pair of oversized jet engines. And, it’s fast. Very Fast.

The CF-18 travels at twice the speed of sound, or 2,400 km/h. (1,600 mph).

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The onboard computer limits the g-forces during flight maneuvers to 7.5 +g’s and 3 – gs.

The combined speed and g-forces operating envelope provides for exceptional high-speed maneuverability, including full aerobatic capabilities.

During Captain Erick O’Connor’s demonstration flights over Toronto, he showed great restraint by keeping the CF-18’s flying speed below the speed of sound to ensure he did not break the sound barrier over the crowds at the CNE.

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